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Get Pre-approved

In collaboration with a mortgage broker, we will get you pre-approved. Getting pre-approved is a great way to display your seriousness as a buyer. It also helps to avoid any unforeseen hiccups when applying for a mortgage down the road when your offer has been accepted.

At the acceptance stage, you have a restricted number of days to provide proof of an approved mortgage and if the bank has to take an extra step in your file it could mean the difference between acquiring the subject property or losing it. Whichever bank you are with and whatever your financial situation, I can refer you to a financial specialist who can help. Contact me and I will support you the whole way!

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Property Search + Visits

Tailored property research using your required criteria and accompaniment to visits make this experience a breeze! There are hundreds of properties for sale in the Greater Montreal Area! I have access to in-depth research software which allows me to pinpoint specific details that buyers are looking for in a new property.

Research is also very time consuming and can take away from the your everyday free time. Furthermore, working with a broker is extremely beneficial for buyers! Since listing agents have service contracts with sellers, working with a broker outside these agreements will ensure you have a professional with your best interest at heart!

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Pricing Expertise

Through experience and by doing a thorough market analysis, I will advise you on the market value of the subject property. A property's value is determined by the sale price of similar properties and not by another property's advertised price tag.

Through the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board membership, I have access to all properties sold by real estate brokers. This means I can figure out the market value of the property you are about to buy and can inform you on whether or not the price is right. And I don't tell you how much the price should be, I show you with concrete examples pulled from my database. That way you make an informed decision on a huge purchase not a random shot in the dark.

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Access to privileged information

Real Estate Brokers have access to documents and sales history of past and present MLS listings. As previously mentioned in other points, having access to the Multiple Listings Server (MLS) is a wealth of information the public does not have access to.

Having access to past sales of a property can be informative on its past state, renovations, unmentioned damage, or can simply give buyers an idea of what the place looked like when the seller purchased it. The Declaration of the Seller as well as other supporting documents are also attached to the listing which can help you decide if a property is even worth visiting, saving you from wasted time.

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Assistance with Paperwork. etc

Using official paperwork will facilitate the buying process. You may not know where to start when you start thinking of buying a new property. Maybe it's your first time, or maybe it's been a while. Or you may simply not have the time to coordinate these steps and would prefer someone else to take the reins.

I am here to help in this capacity and it would be my pleasure and duty to make sure you are understanding every step of the process. Furthermore, the OACIQ (Organisme d'Autoréglementation des Courtiers Immobilier du Quebec/Quebec Realtors Governing Board) offers mandatory documents that realtors must use during transactions. This ensures that consumers are properly protected, which is the mandate of the OACIQ.

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