Your questions about listing your home, its potential value and broker services answered here!

Marketing Strategies

A tailored marketing plan will be prepared relating to your needs and the type of property being sold.

Getting the word out that your property is on the market is the main objective. Through means of graphic design, aesthetically pleasing advertising will be produced and propagated through various media, primary based on the internet but not only. If need be, home preparation, staging services or advisement on small home repairs are provided. This ensures the included photos taken display your property at its best potential! !

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Sell Quickly

Helping you find a buyer quickly is a priority because no one wants their property sitting on the market for several months.

That's right! Ensuring that a property is sold swiftly is always a priority. Not surprisingly, the other services presented here such as proper pricing and dynamic marketing play a huge role in this initiative.

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Price Property Competitively

I will help you price your home correctly by doing a thorough market analysis.

A property's value is determined by the sale price of similar properties and not by the advertised price tag of the property down the street. Through the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board membership, I have access to all properties sold by real estate brokers. Together, we can go over concrete examples of sold properties pulled from my database and decide on an appropriate listing price. Pricing your property right will make all the difference!

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Find Qualified Buyers

Probably your number one requirement. I use many avenues to ensure that your property is seen by potential buyers.

At any given time, there are hundreds of buyers looking for that special place to bid on. Getting your listing under their eyes is key and my main focus. Through marketing and networking, your listing will find buyers, sometimes before they even realize they are buyers! The option of ensuring that buyers are pre-approved can increase the likelihood of attracting buyers who mean business.

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Assistance with Paperwork

I will assist with drawing up the correct paperwork as well as manage the progression of the sale process from A to Z.

Selling your home means making sure everything is in order and that the paperwork reflects this. My job entails guiding you through the maze of documents you have stored away somewhere and those you may need to acquire for the sale. Perhaps you are representing a parent or perhaps you are a non-resident, special steps are required in these situations. Whatever it is, I can help you through the process!

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